Samuel Stephen Goldich


Obituary by Bruce Doe




This web site is dedicated to the memory of 

Samuel Stephen Goldich (1909 - 2000) 

Sam was a special person who had a great influence on a large number of geologists. We would like to include in this web site reminescences, vignettes and photos that can be shared and enjoyed by those who knew Sam as well as those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally. 

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Frank T. Manheim (USGS, Reston National Center) made the following comments about developing this site:

Goldich's students and colleagues included so many experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful people, that their contributions, not just about their experience of him, but ruminations about earth science in the United States, could be extraordinarily informative. As you know, formal scientific publications rain down on us from all sides. ... candid commentary about the REAL world of science, its accomplishments, limitations, policy, and personalities is all too limited.  So any excuse to explore those insights I think would both honor Sam and make for engrossing reading.