We  are interested in all aspects of 
Long Island geology and hydrology

to Department of Geosciences SUNY Stony Brook

Modified March 17, 2022



29th Conference on the Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York

April 9, 2022


Long Island Association of 
Professional Geologists 



Long Island Geologists is a program of the Department of Geosciences at Stony Brook University.

Each year the activities include one or two field trips and on a Saturday in April a conference on the "Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York."

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If your company or agency has employment opportunities for geologists or hydrogeologists in the New York Metropolitan area, send your ad  to the LIAPG web master as an attached Word, txt, pdf or html file. The webmaster will post it on the Long Island Association of Professional Geologists web site. Or, send a link to your web page.

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Past Long Island Geology Conferences 

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You may Download the 
"Bibliography of
Long Island Geology and Hydrology"

     The Long Island Groundwater Research Institute at Stony Brook Universityhas sponsored the preparation of this bibliography. The purpose is to make it easier to find references to articles on Long Island geology and hydrology. This is particularly necessary in that there are a number of reports that are in the public domain, but that may not be easily accessible in normal searches. The Earth and Space Library at SUNY Stony Brook has agreed to catalog and add to  their holdings any appropriate references that are not already in the University library. We plan to continually update the bibliography and are particularly interested in obtaining references not included in the bibliography or copies of articles not in the SUNY Stony Brook Libraries. We appeal to the geology and hydrology communities to bring to our attention, to provide us or allow us access to any materials that are not yet referenced or available at Stony Brook.

The original version of the Bibliography can be downloaded at this link.

To view the updated bibliography (January 2002) go to http://rwp.lib.sunysb.edu/ris/risweb.isa. The "advanced search" menu should come up. If not, click on it. Go to "LIGEOBIB.ENL" on pull-down menu. There are still some problems with searching the bibliographies because some information is not in a form that is compatible with Reference Web Poster. Seems to work best if you choose "search all non-indexed fields." The display is also quirky. Sometimes the authors and titles show on the brief display and sometimes they do not. You can get to the complete record by clicking on the icon to the left of the brief display. Works pretty much like EndNote.

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Links to Web Sites pertinent to Long Island Geologists

  • Other Geological Organizations in New York State
  • Links to National and International Geological Organizations
  • Web Sites of Interest to Geologists in general, and especially to those on Long Island and in Metropolitan New York
  • Web Sites at Universities and Colleges on Long Island and in Metropolitan New York
  • General Geologic Web Searching Sites
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    Who to Contact

      Gilbert N. Hanson is coordinator for meetings and field trips.
      Please direct questions about or suggestions for meetings and field trips to:

      Gilbert N. Hanson 
      Department of Geosciences 
      Stony Brook University
      Stony Brook NY 11794-2100 
      Tel. 631 632 8210 
      Fax. 631 632 8240 
      E-mail gilbert.hanson@sunysb.edu