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Preliminary Program for Conference on the
"Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York"

Saturday April 24, 1999

Earth and Space Sciences Building, SUNY Stony Brook

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Inform us by April 20, if you would like to have a display.

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8:30 a.m.

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9:00 a.m.

Introductory Remarks

G.N. Hanson



Session Chair




Summer Educational Interns: Training Future Teachers to Utilize the Natural Environment as a Laboratory for Student Research Projects

Janet L. Niebling
Glenn A. Richard

SUNY Stony Brook


Techniques of TBM Tunnel Mapping - The Queens Tunnel, NYC

Charles Merguerian

Hofstra University


The birth of Iapetus: Geochemical evidence for Late Neoproterozoic rifting from the metaigneous rocks of the Ned Mountain formation, Manhattan Prong

Pamela Chase Brock
Patrick W.G. Brock

Queens College of CUNY


Tracing the St. Nicholas Thrust and Cameron's Line Through The Bronx, NYC

Tyrand Fuller
Lesley Short
Charles Merguerian

Hofstra University


Preliminary Geophysical Investigation of a Large Scale Magnetic Anomaly in Suffolk County, New York

Francis D. Winslow III,
Daniel Davis, and
Saad S. B. Haq.

SUNY Stony Brook


Coffee and View Posters




Session Chair




Paleocommunities and depositional environments of the Upper Cretaceous Navesink Formation, New Jersey: a report on work-in-progress.

J Bret Bennington
Jessica Miller
James Bonelli

Hofstra University


Glaciotectonic Processes and Glacigenic Sediments on Eastern Long Island

Elliot Klein
Dan Davis

SUNY Stony Brook


The Hudson Champlain Lobe of the the Laurentide ice sheet and the moraines of western Long Island

Les Sirkin

Adelphi University


Pleistocene Sediments Newly Exposed near Dobbs Ferry Metro North RR Station, Westchester County, NY

John E. Sanders

Hofstra University

12 noon

Lunch and View Posters




Session Chair

Frank Castellano



Seismic Stratigraphic Evidence for the Last Glacial Maximum and Post-Glacial Sea Level Rise, Raritan Bay, N.J.

Stephanie B. Gaswirth, Gail M. Ashley, Robert E. Sheridan

Rutgers University


An investigation of shoreline dynamics at Shinnecock Inlet, NY

Brian Batten
Henry Bokuniewicz

SUNY Stony Brook


Multibeam Mapping in Long Island Coastal Waters

Roger Flood

SUNY Stony Brook


Trace metal contaminants in surficial bottom sediments of the Hudson River Estuary

Fatemeh Sayrafiezadeh and
William Harris



Much ado about mercury: Evaluation of   treatment options for mercury contaminated soil at BNL

Paul K. Boyce
Kris Almskog

P.W. Grosser Consult.
Kalogeras & Grosser


Coffee and View Posters




Session Chair




Water composition comparisons between deeper portions of the Upper Glacial Aquifer and shallower portions of the Magothy Aquifer in south-central Brookhaven Town (Suffolk County, Long Island)

David Tonjes

SUNY Stony Brook


Simulation of the effects of pumping and recharge on ground-water flow and the freshwater/saltwater interface on the North Fork, Long Island, New York

Chris Schubert
Paul Misut

Richard Bova

USGS Coram, NY
USGS Coram, NY
Suffolk County Water Aurthority


Summary of U.S. Geological Survey studies of iron geochemistry and microbiology  in the aquifer system on Long Island, New York

Craig J. Brown
Donald A. Walter
Steven Colabufo

USGS Coram, NY
USGS Marlborough, MA
Suffolk County Water Authority


Applications of Suffolk County's finite element groundwater model

Sy Robbins
Mary Anne Taylor

Suffolk Co. Health


End of Oral Presentations.   View Posters




End of Conference




Much ado about mercury: Evaluation of   treatment options for mercury contaminated soil @ BNL

Paul K. Boyce
Kris Almskog

P.W. Grosser Consult.
Kalogeras & Grosser


Promoting awareness of the interdisciplinary relationships between geology and events in human culture and history

Gail Bennington
Linda Horowitz
J. Bret Bennington

Oceanside H.S.
Oceanside H.S.
Hofstra University


Characterization of surface sediments in the Hudson River with the use of Multibeam sonar and sediment analysis

Vicki Lynn Ferrini
JoAnn Thissen
Flood, Roger D.

SUNY Stony Brook


Measuring Submarine Groundwater Seepage Using an Ultrasonic Flow Meter and the 'Old Reliable' - A Comparative Study

Daniel O'Rourke
Ronald J. Paulsen
Teng-fong Wong

SUNY Stony Brook
Suffolk Co. Health Services
SUNY Stony Brook


GIS-based shoreline recession analysis on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan

W. W. Montgomery1
R.B. Chase2,
A.E. Kehew2
G.P. Anderson2

1New Jersey City University
2Western Michigan University


Fate of nitrogen in a ponded recharge basin

Michelle Pizzulli
Gilbert N. Hanson

SUNY Stony Brook


Lunar Cycles - 1999

John E. Sanders

Hofstra University


Evidence of Glaciotectonic Phenomena in a North Shore Coastal Bluff at Nissequogue, Long Island, New York

Linda Selvaggio
Glenn A. Richard

SUNY Stony Brook


The Gamma Forest at Brookhaven National Laboratory: A model for depicting geobotanical data.

Nick Superina

Smithown H.S. - SCC Summer Field Program


Ground-water flow modeling at the Port Washington L-4 Landfill superfund site

Keith A. White
Michael J. Gefell
Scott T. Saroff

Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc.


Registration fee is $5 until April 20.
The on-site registration fee is $10
You may choose to purchase lunch for $5.
Lunch is not an option if you register after April 20.
There are places on campus to buy lunch.
You may purchase the abstract volume for $10

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Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York April 24, 1999

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From exit 62 of the Long Island Expressway (LIE, I-495) follow Nicolls Road (Route 97) north for nine miles. Pass the South and Main entrances to the University.

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