29th Conference on
"Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York"

Saturday April 9, 2022

The online conference will begin at 9:00 AM

Everyone is welcome. Especially students.

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9:00 am Introduction


GN Hanson Stony Brook University
9:15 am

Creating and Developing Engaging Rocks and Minerals Project Based Curriculum through Field Trips for Earth Science Students


 L Melzer

Manhattan International HS

9:30 am

Setauket Pond: An Anthropogenically Influenced Natural Laboratory to Study Boron Isotopes

B Peritore
E  Spreen
D Downs
C Wright
J Hudson
K Wooton
ET Rasbury


 Stony Brook University

9:45 am

Boron isotopes reveal differences in boron uptake in tomato plants from different sources

T Rasbury
K Wooton
B Peritore
C Wright
M Passik
R Wooton
S Letscher
C Wong
A Clarke
M Doall


 Stony Brook University

10:00 am Employing Compound Discovery Techniques to Determine Occurrence and Fate of Trace Organic Contaminants in Long Island Residential Wastewater and Nitrogen Removing Biofilters 


R Smolinski
CA McDonough
Stony Brook University
10:15 am

Decadal trends in groundwater and surface water nitrate concentrations in south-central Town of Brookhaven.


D Tonjes

 Stony Brook University

10:30  am Break


10:45 am Sunspots Number  Effect on Earth's Climate Change and How Water Sustainability is Influenced in Long Island, NY


G Tentomas
AE Marsellos
Hofstra University
11:00 am A Geospatial Analysis of the Sunspots Effect on Groundwater Levels in Long Island NY during 2002-2021


AE Marsellos
KG Tsakiri
G Tentomas
Hofstra University
11:15 am A Study of the flooding from Hurricane Ida on Staten Island, NY


AI Benimoff College of Staten Island
11:30 am

Long-term behavior of Long Island Ocean Beaches, East Hampton, NY

H Bokuniewicz
M Wrobel
S Daly
J Pizaro


Stony Brook University
North Carolina State
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook University

11:45 am

Sediment mobility on the Long Island Continental Shelf

Y Huang
S G Jang
H Bokuniewicz


Stony Brook University

12 noon Break


12:30 pm

Geological Solutions for Providing a Scientific Basis for Differing Site Condition Claims


C Merguerian
JM Merguerian

 Duke Geological Lab.

12:45 pm

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging of a Deep Test Well for Estimation of Aquifer and Confining-Unit Hydraulic Properties, Long Island, New York


 F Stumm
JH Williams

 USGS Coram

1:00 pm

The Making Groundwater Maps in Planning, Design, and Construction for Architectural and Engineering Projects on Long Island, NY


 D Askins

 M & J Engineering

1:15 pm

Luminescence Dating of Glacial Sediments at Hither Hills State Park, NY

T Grandfield
M Frouin
D Davis
R Korman


 Stony Brook University

1:30 pm

The Provenance and Ages of Glacial Sediments on Long Island

T Plummer
M Potter
R Davies
SJ Jaret


AMNH & Queensboro CC

1:45 pm The Bear’s Den Granite, Bronx Zoo, NY

SJ Jaret
N Tailby,
E DiPadova
ET Rasbury
K Wooton


Stony Brook University
Stony Brook University

2:00 End of presentations    




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