"Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York"

Saturday April 20, 1996 - Earth and Space Sciences Building - SUNY Stony Brook

Following is the preliminary program for the Long Island Geologists Conference on “Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York” to be held on April 20, 1996 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. We have had a very good response to the call for papers. This should be a busy and interesting conference. Last year 125 people attended the conference. These included university and college professors and students, high school teachers as well as geologists working for government agencies and private companies.

If you, your company, agency, school, university or college would like to present promotional or informational material at the upcoming conference, please let me know by April 8, 1996. We can arrange for you to have a poster or table in the lobby. The poster boards are eight foot by four foot. You may request any fraction of such a poster board.

If you have any late breaking results or illustrative material or photographs relating to Long Island or Metropolitan New York geology that are particularly attractive, we will be happy to display them also. Please let me know also by April 8 whether you will have something to display.

Gilbert N. Hanson; phone: (516) 632-8535; FAX: (516) 632-8240; email: ghanson@ccmail.sunysb.edu

Preliminary Program
Time Title Authors Affiliation

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9:25 Introductory remarks G.N. Hanson SUNY Stony Brook
9:30 Contrasting styles of the Taconic Orogeny in New York: Deep vs. shallow thrusts C. Merguerian & J.E. Sanders Hofstra
9:45 Geochemistry and Provenance of the Ordovician Trap Falls Formation, Connecticut D.K. McDaniel, J.H. Sevigny, S.M. McLennan & G.N. Hanson SUNY Stony Brook
10:00 U-Pb dating of paleocaliche in the Hartford Basin, Connecticut Z. Wang, T. Rasbury, W.J. Meyers & G.N. Hanson SUNY Stony Brook
10:15 Contact metamorphism of calcrete in New Haven Arkose: Role of infiltration metasomatism and hydrothermal boiling J. A. Kolleeny SUNY Stony Brook
Eldon Environmental
10:30 Coffee and view posters
10:45 Garnet and biotite compositions and geothermometry of Hartland and Manhattan schists J.S. Kosinski & J.H. Puffer Rutgers Univ. Newark
11:00 Mineralogical and sedimentological analysis of transgressive systems tract facies in the Upper Cretaceous Navesink Formation, Big Brook, New Jersey J.B. Bennington, C.M. Tappen, & D. Radcliffe Hofstra
11:15 Heavy Minerals in Pleistocene and Cretaceous sediments in western Suffolk County, Long Island C.J. Brown USGS Coram
11:30 Deglaciation of Central Long Island L. Sirkin Adelphi
11:45 Drainage history of New York City and vicinity J.E. Sanders Hofstra
12:00 Lunch and view posters
1:00 Licensing of geologists in New York State and related issues E. Hinchey ERM Northeast, Syracuse
1:15 Diversion of the Bronx River in New York City - Evidence for post-glacial surface faulting C. Merguerian & J.E. Sanders Hofstra
1:30 Monitoring the shoreline: Tracking and predicting sediment loss and gain in East Hampton Town B. Friedman Easthampton Town NRD
B. Jacobs Southampton College
L. Miller, W. Galcik, P. Janums & D. Daiute East Hampton Town NRD
1:45 Side-scan sonar study of Port Jefferson Harbor R.D. Flood SUNY Stony Brook
2:00 The origin and fate of the migrating dunes at Napeague J.A. Black GSI
2:15 Benthic biogeochemical changes associated with calcite undersaturation in Long Island Sound sediments M.A. Green, R.C. Aller & J.Y. Aller SUNY Stony Brook
2:30 Coffee and view posters
2:45 Cross-sectional solute-transport simulation near the Nassau/Suffolk County border, incorporating dispersion and decay P.E. Misut & C.J. Brown USGS Coram
3:00 The influence of cation exchange on the chemistry of Long Island ground water M. Lani & M. Schoonen SUNY Stony Brook
3:15 Determination of safe yield for public supply wells impacted by salt water upconing in eastern Long Island S.L. Colabufo SCWA
R. Lamonica Leggette, Brashears & Graham
3:30 Delineation of the hydrologic framework and extent of saltwater intrusion within the Manhasset Neck Peninsula, Long Island, New York, by use of geologic, hydrologic and geophysical methods F. Stumm & A. Lange USGS Coram
3:45 Estimating Kh/Kv ratios from aquifer tests and computer modeling H. Moe CDM Fed. Programs Corp.
D.B. Bennett Camp Dresser & McKee
W. Dorsch, D. Paquette & M. Hauptman Brookhaven National Lab.
4:00 Intrusive investigative techniques for the identification of DNAPL P.W. Grosser & F.P. Castellano P.W. Grosser Consulting
4:15 View posters
5:00 End of conference
Poster Temporal constraints on free-phase petroleum rebound in the Upper Glacial Aquifer, Long Island M. El Sehamy & D.M. Winslow Fenley & Nicol Environ.
Poster Hydrogeology of the Calverton Ponds in the Pine Barrens - An educational field laboratory J. Bebie & G. Richard SUNY Stony Brook
Poster Lead contamination of soils in New York City and Long Island: An investigation of levels and sources C.L. Kramer Brooklyn College
Poster Water quality of Mt. Sinai Harbor A.K. Khan Commack High School
Poster Determining Hazen coefficients for measuring the hydraulic conductivity of Long Island Pine Barrens soils E. Fontana-Daguerre SUNY Stony Brook
Poster Intrusive investigative techniques for the identification of DNAPL P.W. Grosser & F.P. Castellano P.W. Grosser Consulting
Poster Geochemical traverse across Camerons Line, Boro Hall Park, Bronx, New York D. Cadmus, R. Hodgson, L.M. Gatto & J.H. Puffer Rutgers Univ. Newark
Abstract Only Successful remediation of gasoline spill on Long Island by simultaneous application of SVE and pump and treat- A case study R. Korlipara M. El Sehamy Korlipara Engineering Fenley & Nicol Environ.
Abstract Only Overview of the petrex passive soil gas technique - Two case studies M. El Sehamy Fenley & Nicol Environ.

If you are not familiar with the Stony Brook Campus, enter via the north entrance to the campus on Nicolls Road (county highway 97) immediately south of state highway 25A. After entering the campus, at the top of the small hill, turn right on North Loop Road. Proceed about 1 mile. Turn left on to Center Drive. Proceed about 50 yards then turn right into the large paved parking lot. The Earth and Space Sciences building is the large, gray concrete building at the northeast end of the parking lot. Registration is $20.00 including lunch and abstracts. Registration required by Tuesday, April 16, 1996. Register by sending a check made out to Long Island Geologists. Registration the day of the conference will be $25.00 for all. We cannot guarantee that a lunch will be available for those who do not preregister.

In service credit is available for teachers.

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