"Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York"(1994)

Saturday April 23, 1994 Earth and Space Sciences Building SUNY Stony Brook

TimeTitle AuthorsAffiliation
8:30 a.m.Pick up registration materials, View posters
9:00 a.m.Introductory remarks Gilbert N. Hanson SUNY Stony Brook
9:05 a.m.Geology of the Long Island platform Les SirkinAdelphi University
9:30 a.m.Stratigraphy, structural geology, and ductile- brittle faults of the New York City area Charles Merguerian Hofstra University
9:45 a.m.Post-Newark folds and faults: implications for geologic history of the Newark basin Charles Merguerian, J.E. Sanders Hofstra University
10:00 a.m.Geochronology of southwestern Connecticut Antonio Lanzirotti, James Sevigny
Gilbert N. Hanson
SUNY Stony Brook
10:15 a.m.Geochemistry of the amphibolites of Central Park, New York City J.C. Eicher, D.M. Ageitos, F.C. Seeber, C.H. Kaplan, S.G. Buehler, J.H. Puffer Rutgers University, Newark
10:30 a.m.Break, View posters
11:00 a.m.Fitting newly discovered north-shore Gilbert-type lacustrine deltas into a revised Pleistocene chronology of Long Island J.E. Sanders, Charles Merguerian Hofstra University
11:15 a.m.Wading River - The evolution and ecology of a North Shore embayment and adjacent pre-historic Indian sites Herbert C. MillsNassau County Museum
11:30 a.m.The role of the shoreface in providing beneficial effects from washovers, inlet breaches (as Little Pike's Inlet) and barrier island preservation through migration Fred WolffHofstra University
11:45 a.m.The effect of barrier island morphology on the environment of the back bay at Westhampton beach Daniel ConleySUNY Stony Brook
12:00Lunch, View posters
1:00 p.m.A geomorphic analysis suggesting the origin of the migrating dunes at Napeague, NY Patricia E. Dubecky Suffolk Community College
Thomas J. Maher College of Charleston
1:15 p.m.Peak storm-tide elevations produced by the December 1992 storm along the coast of Long Island, New York, with historical peak storm-tide elevations Christopher E. Schubert

Ronald Busciolano

U.S.G.S. Syosset
1:30 p.m.The chemical composition of precipitation in the Peconic River watershed John Proios, Martin Schoonen SUNY Stony Brook
1:45 p.m.The effects of a rain storm upon the major chemical constituents of the Peconic River John Choynowski, Martin Schoonen SUNY Stony Brook
2:00 p.m.The hydrogeochemistry of the Peconic River watershed: a quantitative approach to estimate the anthropogenic loadings in the watershed Martin A.A. Schoonen,

Craig Brown

SUNY Stony Brook
2:15 p.m.Delineation of the hydrogeologic framework and saltwater intrusion of the Great Neck Peninsula, Long Island, New York by use of geologic, hydrologic and geophysical methods Frederick Stumm, Andrew Lange U.S. G.S. Syosset
2:30 p.m.Break, View posters
3:00 p.m.Iron reactions in the Magothy and Upper Glacial aquifers of Suffolk County, Long Island Craig J. Brown U.S.G.S. Syosset
Martin A.A. Schoonen SUNY Stony Brook
3:15 p.m. Iron oxidation and iron bacteria formation in municipal production wells in Suffolk County, New York Steven R. Colabufo Suffolk Co. Water Authority
Martin A.A. Schoonen SUNY Stony Brook
3:30 p.m. Understanding 1993 groundwater conditions at the Town of Brookhaven landfill through sliding stiff diagrams David J. Tonjes SUNY Stony Brook
John Black Suffolk Community College
James Heil Town of Brookhaven
3:45 p.m.Hydraulic Conductivity, porosity, and particle size distribution of core samples of the upper glacier aquifer Laboratory observation Johnson N. Olanrewaju

Teng-fong Wong

SUNY Stony Brook
4:00 p.m.Distribution of phagotrophic dinoflagellate species in anthropogenically contaminated sediment of Huntington Harbor Daniel Habib

Fa Tien Shia

Queens College CUNY
4:15 p.m.Georgica Pond water management issues Drew BennettCamp, Dresser & McKee
4:30View posters
5:30 p.m.End of conference
posterSome impacts of the December "92 Nor'easter along the Long Island coast H. Bokuniewicz, K. Sakson SUNY Stony Brook
posterRockhounding at Orient's public beach Sharon KellySuffolk Gem & Mineral Soc.
posterBiochemistry of the Calverton Ponds, Suffolk County Christine Kovari

Martin A.A. Schoonen

SUNY Stony Brook
posterUse of Tritium-3Helium groundwater dating technique to estimate migration rates of volatile organic compounds in an unconsolidated sand and gravel aquifer system Janakiram R. Naidu Brookhaven National Lab.
posterHydrogeology of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY Douglas E. Patchett Brookhaven National Lab.
posterA hydrological study of the effects of urban development on storm runoff: A case study in Queens, New York Monica Tsang-Rakovan, K. J. Phillips, Kalid Bajwa, John Ferrelli Fanning, Phillips & Molnar

New York City Transit Auth.

posterUse of Long Island as a geological laboratory for K-12 earth science education Glenn A. Richard, Karen Lutzer SUNY Stony Brook
posterBuried, anomalously deep V-shaped valley in bedrock surface, New Haven Harbor, CT J.E. SandersHofstra University
Abstract onlyGeochemistry of the schists of Central Park, New York City J.H. Puffer, D.M. Ageitos, S.C. Buehler, J.C. Eicher, C.H. Kaplan, F.C. Seeber Rutgers University, Newark
Abstract onlyComparison of hydraulic conductivity values determined by aquifer tests, specific capacity tests, slug tests and grain size analysis Thomas P. Doriski, Stephanie Davis, Monica Tsang-Rakovan

Sadrul Hussain

Fanning, Phillips & Molnar

New York City Transit Auth.