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The following comments are excerpted and directly  quoted from a report "FHWA Study Tour for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in England, Germany, and The Netherlands,  October 1994"

Except for the pictures with attribution the photos were taken by Gilbert N. Hanson over the period January through July, 2000. My comments are in italic.


Bike parking at the train station facilitates train-bike combination trips. Bikes are parked in a monitored area and can be parked for 4 days before being moved to a long-term parking area. This allows train commuters to leave their bikes at the train station over the weekend. The city of Munster is also planning a 4,000-space underground bicycle parking facility at the train station. (The 3000 space garage is now open, shown above, and will soon be expanded to 3500 spaces (est. January, 2001)

Separate signal heads for cyclists, as well as separate distinctive signal heads for trolleys, are used where exclusive bus lanes exist (using vertical or horizontal white lines as bus signal displays). This often results in three sets of signal heads side by side (car, trolley, and bike). 

Installing bike racks at corners also helps intersection visibility. The study team was shown an intersection where car parking at the intersection had previously created a visibility problem for motorists on the side street. This problem occurred even after NO PARKING signs were posted. Installing bike racks at the corner physically prevented car parking and opened up sight distance for side-street traffic. 

radstation.jpg (52413 bytes)
Photo from "Die Radstation Muenster. Description of 3000 place bicycle parking garage at train station can be found at this link. Site described in German.
bikes-apartment.jpg (29915 bytes)

Parking space at our apartment in Coerde.

bicyles.jpg (90416 bytes)
Parking along street near the center of Muenster. One of many parking areas.
garage-tracks-path.jpg (20638 bytes) Bike parking lockers and sheltered spaces are offered at some park-and-ride or park-and-bike lot at a transit station. Sheltered bicycle parking spaces are provided at locations such as transit stations. The construction cost is much less for bike parking facilities than for car parking. Furthermore, about 10 to 12 bikes can be parked in a single car parking space. (These are pictures of the locked parking shelters at the North Muenster train stop in Coerde.) bikes-in-garage.jpg (38875 bytes)
bike-rack-geo.jpg (156752 bytes)
Bike rack at Geological Sciences building. There are more bikes parked here than there are cars in the nearby car parking lot.
mail-bike.jpg (38789 bytes)
Mail delivered by bike in Coerde a part of Muenster. The mail woman was surprised to learn  that mail was not usually delivered by bicycle in the U.S. "Why not!"
Muenster-map.jpg (39895 bytes)
Map of the City Center of Muenster showing bicycle ways in pink, pedestrian ways in solid red which are closed to bicycles during shopping times, main thoroughfares pink with red borders, the Promenade outlined in blue dots restricted to bicycles and pedestrians, and blue bicycles which are bicycle parking areas. The Promenade is about 1.3 miles (2 kilometers) in diameter.

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Map from "Radfahererfreundlice Altstadt - Fahrradfahren in Muenster".


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