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Ground Level Ozone Primer for teachers

Tropospheric Ozone Research Project - For students in Madison, WI

Introduction to Ozone: why it is considered to be 'bad' when found in
the troposphere, and 'good' when found in the stratosphere. Includes
activities and background information.

Trouble in the Troposphere - A Lesson on Tropospheric Ozone:
Using data sets from MY NASA DATA, students will produce graphs
comparing monthly and yearly ozone averages of several U.S. cities.

Creating and Analyzing Graphs of Tropospheric Ozone based on My

Monitoring Ozone

Ozone Attack: In this activity, students will observe how ozone can
damage rubber bands and through a comparison, they will be able to
determine the relative ozone levels for different locations.

"Using Sensitive Plants as Bioindicators of Ground Level Ozone
Pollution: Implementation Guide" A very detailed description of the
effects of ozone and guide to monitoring using plants.

This monitoring program uses strips (Ecobadge) that change color
depending on the level of ozone. The colors are then compared to a
color chart.
The Eco Badge kits can be purchased at

This "My NASA Data" monitoring program uses strips and a Zikua
the Eco Badge Test Card Reader. Zikua is a hand-held optical reader
which will give an instant and precise readout of the Eco Badge one
hour Test Card after exposure to ozone. Google "Zikua" to find the
best price.

Sites for teaching resources
Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)

Fig. 1 Nitrogen oxides plus volatile oganic compounds plus
sunlight make ground level ozone.
Click on image for larger image
The PowerPoint for August 2009 Ground Level Workshop can be downloaded here.

Dina Zakaria has a Word Document with a number of lesson plans regarding ozone. Download it here.

The PowerPoint for Autumn 2008 Ground Level Workshops can be downloaded here.

Robert Mozer who teaches earth science at William Floyd Middle School has prepared a summary for science
teachers that describes ground level ozone. You can download it here Ground Level Ozone for Teachers

Waldemar Pacholik who teaches earth science at Central Islip has suggestions on how to include ground level
ozone into the science curricula

Chris Sheehan a science teacher at Baldwin Senior High School has prepared a work sheet that can be used
as a class exercise that uses data from Long Island. You can download it here The Good, the Bad and the
Ugly of Ozone.