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The History of the Flaming Chalice

Our Unitarian Heritage: An Introduction to the History of the Unitarian Movement by Earl Morse Wilbur, 1925, online book.

Unitarian Universalist Origins:Our Historic Faith by Mark W. Harris

UU Historical Society resources and links

Brief History of Unitarian-Universalism by Gary Provost

Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography
   short biographies about many famous Unitarian Universalists

European Unitarian Universalist chronology with Judeo-Christian and Secular historical events. Lots of links

American Unitarian History Links

Electronic Archives of Liberal Religion 
The purpose of this site is to assist the amateur or professional scholar in finding documents relating to liberal religious history -- particularly Unitarian, Universalist, Ethical Culture, and religious humanism. A secondary purpose is to translate to web-readable format those key documents of liberal religious history that are not found already on the web.

Anglo-American Unitarian Universalist time line

Unitarian and Universalist Historical Society
The Unitarian Universalist Historical Society supports research and scholarship in various fields of historical interest and provides programs and publications for the benefit of students, scholars, and others committed to promoting and preserving our Unitarian Universalist heritage. 
UU Historical Society  UU Resource List

Famous UU's

Photographs of Unitarian, Universalist and UU Leaders

Notable American Unitarians

Books on UU History and Commentary  available for sale in UUA Bookstore

Workshop on History of UU's and Patriotism 
"Vision & Values in a Post -9/11 World"

Unitarian Universalist Youth History Web   

Spiral of History- a ritual of learning a good summary of UU history

Notable Women A Project in Reclaiming Our Heritage A very rich source of information about UU Women