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BA Earth Science Education

The Earth Science Education Program offers undergraduate science education courses satisfying New York State requirements for provisional certification as a secondary school teacher of earth science and general science. The program is designed to be taken sequentially in the last three or four semesters of your degree program. All undergraduate earth science education candidates must major in the Earth and Space Sciences/Earth Science Education Track. 


Students with majors in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Astronomy/Planetary Sciences and Geosciences who intend to enter the Earth Science Education Program must declare a double major with the Earth and Space Sciences/Earth Science Education Track and meet the requirements of both majors.


All applicants must:

Apply to the program during the second semester of sophomore year or first semester of junior year.
Have taken at least 4 science lab courses.
Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.0 in science courses.
Contact the Earth Science Education advisor for a transcript review and to plan a course of study.
Contact one of the science education program advisors for an interview.
Fill out the Professional Education Program Undergraduate Application Form (see Attach an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) from each college or university attend, three letters of reference from university faculty regarding your potential to become a teacher, and your essay. Submit all documents for approval by the Science Education Program Director.
Declare a Teacher Preparation option by submitting the “Declaration of Major/Minor Form” with TP to the Registrar. Forms are available at the Registrar’s Office, the Undergraduate Earth and Space Sciences advisor’s office in the ESS Building, and the Science Education Program Office, Life Sciences 061.

The Earth Science Education advisor is Gilbert N. Hanson, telephone 631-632-8210, e-mail