Ashley Schiff Park Preserve 

Ashley Schiff Preserve Science Walk
Take only pictures. Leave only footprints.
This self guided science walk of the preserve was written by Walter Gurzynski and Reid Solomon for the Department of Geosciences, Stony Brook University. It shows where entrances to trails through the preserve are located, as well as pointing out a number of items of interest.

Interpreting Geology of Ashley Schiff Park Preserve with New High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (5 Mb)
Includes a description of how to make a DEM from a digital contour map by Tenzin Lhundup for MPI Summer Scholars Program 200

Anatomy of Glaciotectonic Folding and Thrusting Imaged Using GPR in the Ashley Schiff Preserve, Stony Brook, NY
Christopher Tingue, Dan M. Davis and James D. Girardi

Geologic Science Walk in Ashley Schiff Park Preserve
Geology taken from Gurzynski and Solomon's science walk and modified by Tenzin Lhundup and Gilbert N. Hanson with new information about the geology of the preserve.

Flora of the Preserve (Coming Soon)
A comprehensive list of the plant life found in the preserve and surrounding areas of Long Island. Includes photographs and drawings for many of the plants.

Fauna of the Preserve (Coming Soon)
Common animals that make their home in the preserve and nearby areas in Long Island. Includes drawings and photographs.